Lucky Love Dog Kick Off

Hello Everyone!

Happy to have you here!  We're thrilled to be at the starting gates of Lucky Love Dog.  We look forward to years of offering you classic and cool products for your dog, while helping dogs that are not so lucky in shelters across the US.  Through our rescue work in Texas, we've learned that teaming up with like minded people can make amazing things happen - it happens time and time again with every rescue story.  

Our first rescue beneficiary will be Lucky Lab Rescue (  Through a network of rock star volunteers, they save hundreds of labs from death row in Texas every year.  We know their amazing work and are excited to help them.  Rescue can be expensive, as many dogs arrive with medical conditions that must be treated before they can be adopted out.  Heart worm infection, mange, broken bones, infections, tick disease....the list goes on. Our donation will go towards helping sick dogs get better.  

Thank you for visiting.  Let us know if you have any thoughts or questions - we'd love to hear from you!






January 07, 2018 — amy stanton



Lisa said:

Awesome idea and product. Congrats to you and Philipa.



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